Accept payments from all over the world by creating
auto-entrepreneur status in the United States

The best solution to get paid from your merchant account to your bank account with tax exemption

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About legal status

Do you want to sell internationally but you are blocked by country restrictions?
Are your income taxes very high, or do you file taxes manually?

Auto entrepreneur Maroc aux aux États-Unis

A Better Solution Available To You!

We have the option to create a auto-entrepreneur status for you in the United States, which will give you the ability to open a certified merchant account and accept international payments with lifetime tax exemption.

A tax identifier approved by IRS

Lifetime income tax exemption

Automatic tax declaration

Transfers via Payoneer and Transferwise

Your status as a auto-entrepreneur in the United States

The advantages are numerous

By circumventing the problems linked to the creation of an LTD in England, in particular the accounting, the VAT declaration, the payment of taxes, the domiciliation, the annual fees ..., a status of auto-entrepreneur in the United States is a simple, very beneficial diet that will save you all of these problems in the future.

Tax-exempt annual sales: $ 65,000
Annual income tax: 0%
Annual tax greater than the exempt amount: 2.5%

Annual sales

The auto-entrepreneur status gives you the advantage of not paying taxes if your annual turnover does not exceed $ 65,000

Exceeding the limit

A percentage of 2.5% tax will be deducted automatically if you exceed the annual turnover of $ 65,000

Tax declaration

Your merchant account debits your taxes automatically by submitting a tax form to the IRS and a second copy for you

Invoice your customers

The status of auto-entrepreneur gives you the right to create invoices for your customers, but without including VAT, the total amount is exclusive of VAT

The information you need to gain an
auto-entrepreneur status in the United States

This offer is intended for individuals and professionals around the world, wishing to enter the
international market and to have full control of their online activity from their country of residence.

Pieces of identity

A copy of your passport or CIN

Payment terms

A payment of 50% according to the order

Processing time

Obtaining status within 5 working days

Pack prices

You have the possibility to benefit from an auto-entrepreneur status in the United States
with online payment and a professional website for your online presence.

Premium Merchant SRP Pack

439.00 EUR

480.00 USD

  • - Creation of your auto-entrepreneur status
  • - Submit your IRS documents by email
  • - Creation of your merchant account
  • - Assistance and technical support included
  • - Obtaining your American visa after 3 years
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This service allows you to create a merchant account
with your personal data and from your country without
the need for a VPN or the restrictions imposed on companies. Obtaining your US visa after 3 years


448.00 EUR

490.00 USD

  • - Creation of your company in the United States
  • - Obtaining your EIN in 3 days
  • - A physical address with post office box
  • - Obtaining a bank resolution
  • - Separation of duties and rights
  • - Tax exemption
  • - Technical support included
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This service allows you to create a company in the
United States legal with your personal data and from
your countries with tax exemption and without
the need for a VPN

Consulting Pack

50.00 EUR/ 20min

55.00 USD/ 20min

  • Accompaniment by:
    Mr Noureddine ESSARDI
  • - Tailor-made advice and strategies
  • - Company formation
  • - Brand image
  • - Digital Strategy
  • - Email Marketing
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By phone or video for 20 minutes
Appointment booking within 24/48 hours

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Auto entrepreneur Maroc aux aux États-Unis